The belly, breathing, and the second trimester

21 weeks now.  Now that I am comfortably in the second trimester I feel I should share my experience for friends who have not been pregnant yet or are newly pregnant, because it might help some women to have more balanced expectations for this time than I had. I just heard things like, you will have so much energy and you will feel great.  For me, I definitely feel BETTER! I am not throwing up all the time finally, though my queasiness in the morning has not totally evaporated I am pretty much nausea free throughout the days and evenings. So that is a huge relief (though it wasn’t until week 19 or so that I stopped throwing up, so there was nothing too magical about week 13 for me be warned).  Do I feel great? That would be an overstatement. I still get tired easily and out of breath really easily. I can just be sitting and feel like I have to catch my breath all of a sudden, it is weird to be sure.  So one thing I have learned from 5 months of pregnancy is it is different for different people along the way, don’t get too attached to any textbook ideas of how it will play out. Curious to see what the next one will be like (I sure would like a little less nausea pretty please).

So physically, I am feeling, well pregnant, but mentally increasingly happy for the coming of Leia! (though sometimes that happy comes out in tears because I saw baby clothes or any other random thing that makes me teary eyed, and lately I have gotten a little nervous about labor and delivery, etc, but no crazy fits of anger or pregnant temper tantrums though, David says I am a very easy pregnant lady!).

The belly is coming along.  I am getting cramps here and there as it is stretching and growing more. I try and get up from the bed or a seat slowly because getting up fast seems to trigger little pains (all normal and expected according to reading). The weird thing is I almost feel the need to hold on to it when I get up, like its going to fall or something. That sounds weird, I am not sure how to describe it, it just doesn’t feel normal 🙂 I like wearing belly bands for extra support. I LOVE LOVE my body pillow that is shaped like a big C, it supports by back and my belly at the same time, it’s my new best friend! I will be at my desk and work and longingly think about curling up with my body pillow at day’s end, aaah.

Looking ahead to more doctor’s visits, I think I get one more before they start going from every 4 weeks to every 2 weeks, really glad we get ultrasounds each time we go otherwise it would be really boring. Getting ready to sign up for birthing class, we have a cloth diaper class in a month or so, and I am going to be reading up on breastfeeding, something I am both excited about and feeling totally clueless about. So moving ahead towards April as best as I can I think, feeling and looking more pregnant every week! (Oh and starting to get very excited about the fact that in about 3 1/2 months I will be a full time Mom )


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