Pregnant lady “exercise”

Before I was pregnant I was in pretty good shape, I mean I have never been a marathon runner and I never understood being addicted to exercise at all, but for a girl who would much rather make and eat cookies than go to the gym I had a nice fitness routine going. Also, I was pretty conscious about my eating habits (now I have a real ICEE issue, hadn’t had an ICEE since I was a small girl and all of the sudden I just want them soooo bad, why???). Anyway, the awful queasiness of the first trimester really obliterated my exercise routine and eating in general. I am starting to try and get back in the saddle so to speak. I am walking Arnold more, or on longer walks, which I know he appreciates. And I have tried a couple of times now to do my prenatal work out DVD which I bought when I first found out I was pregnant (and then stayed in the package for the first trimester). It is just crazy to me how hard it is, because even when I was not in a good fitness routine I am not sure this would have really made me break a sweat before I was pregnant. It is just really basic simple little movements, no real aerobics, no P90X, but aaah I have yet to  complete the whole thing! Just another one of those things that makes you go “What has happened to me? Where is my body?”  It’s crazy how easily I lose my breath and how doing barely anything makes my heart rate rise. The workout lady is always saying we are not supposed to pant to, and to slow down if that happens and I have noticed there are a lot more water breaks in this workout than in her non pregnant lady DVD (I do recommend her pregnant workout and her other DVDs- Erin ODonnel).  The whole thing is really nothing like the workout DVDs  I was used to before the bump, but it feels so much harder than all my real workouts before!

The middle name thing is hard. David and I had first names picked out on our honeymoon, but we never really thought of middle names until now. My current top pick is Leia Elizabeth. Both names are biblical and of Hebrew origin, I enjoyed studying Hebrew more than any other dead language I studied ( I hated Greek). Elizabeth was my Grandma’s middle name too. We also are thinking of Leia Olivia, we sort of considered some LOTR names for the middle name, but just feel it is too much for us. I just can’t do too weird of a name, we are already giving her a unique spelling after Princess Leia after all. Maybe a name will magically come to us that we both just feel sure about (but I like Leia Elizabeth more and more I think).

Now, just trying to focus on all I am thankful for instead of being nervous or anxious. It is easy for me to start feeling worried about being prepared, having all the baby things we need, right now I don’t really have anything to be honest (though really what does a baby absolutely need? probably not too much more than Mom and Dad really, but I would like for her to have a bed and some clothes 🙂 ) and having some kind of a room ready, reading all the parenting books I wanted to read before she comes, having some kind of idea, though not an obsessive one, over the labor and delivery thing (which reminds me I need to sign up for a class!) and trying not to worry about the tiny fact that you know she has to come out of me and all. It is just a lot really, so much responsibility, so many things I don’t know how to do yet or what they will be like. BUT I am so thankful not only for the fact that we get to have Leia entrusted to us, but the home we are bringing her into ( ready or not).  I am so thankful that she gets to come into a loving home with a Mom and a Dad committed to being her Mom and Dad and most of all committed to each other in a stable marriage. As you become a parent I guess it is natural to think of your own past, and the circumstances in which I came into the world were so different. There was so much grace in my life that I see now looking back and I had such a loving, brave Mom, but boy I am so happy to have a Godly husband to partner with in bringing up our girl, so glad that the our marriage is so happy and loving and that Leia gets to see that and benefit from what David and I have. I am so grateful that we both know the most important thing for Leia is not money, education, looks or brains, but is the message of the cross. I can’t give her faith, but I can rest in the fact that David and I are in agreement that our main job as parents is to teach her about grace and truth and disciple her while she is in our house (though I think she will have a pretty cool education too 😉 . So I am nervous about things of course, but I am so excited and grateful and happy, etc etc etc!




4 thoughts on “Pregnant lady “exercise”

  1. What’s with all the nerves? You are right. Babies don’t need much beyond mom and dad and some diapers. Even if you don’t have the bed – – which you will by the time she comes – – she will be very tiny and can sleep almost anywhere comfortably:) If you need any material things right away that you forgot to get earlier – – well, that’s what dad’s are for. You just say, “Sweetie can you run to store and get . . . ?”

    • I wonder how much of a “nursery” we really need anyway. I am hoping to keep her in a little bassinet by my bed the first 2-3 months anyway and then we are hoping to move pretty soon after she comes, so I definitely want to have a crib because I know she will be too big for a bassinet before I know it, but I don’t know how much I will stress about her room.

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