Research and Body Pillows

I am 19 weeks today, almost halfway there, which means “yay!!!” and  also “wait I have so much to think about before the baby gets here, and stuff to accumulate!”

I am very excited about the body pillow I just ordered from Amazon, I hope it is as comfortable as it sounds, because over the last couple of weeks I have noticed it is getting really hard to be comfortable at all. I really noticed it sitting in a movie theatre, I act like my hyper boy students, I can’t sit still, but not because I have had too much sugar or have ADHD (which according to a great seminar I was at today can very well just be a product of the American sugar laden diet, but anyway…) but because I cannot be comfortable in a chair for more than 30 seconds at a time without moving! The same goes for lying in a bed as well, which is more what the body pillow is for.  If it isn’t one thing it is another with being pregnant, the nausea finally gets manageable, I won’t say gone because sometimes when I wake up I still throw up, but I hardly even notice it anymore, and now it is true morning sickness, its just a little in the morning and then I am pretty much fine in that department the rest of the day and evening. So fine I can live with the few minutes in the morning thing, it was the 24/7 thing that was getting really old. So yeah, nausea on the backburner, squished bladder, heartburn, and the impossibility of sitting or lying comfortably has moved to the front. I take heartburn over hurling! 🙂

I have been at a Christian educator’s conference this weekend (writing this in the hotel lobby waiting to head home). It has been more difficult than I thought just because of all the sitting in chairs for long periods of time, but today I went to some really great sessions on brain development and one even focused a bit on infant brain development and how crucial it is to keep kids from developing learning issues when they are school age.  So no pressure I just have to keep my baby from developing learning problems that will affect them their whole life!  One main thing I picked up, don’t overstimulate! so if you plan on seeing my baby during those first 6 weeks of its life, don’t get all up in its face with toys and loud noises please. I am avoiding toys with lights and sounds, except the instructor recommended the teddy bear that plays the Mom’s heartbeat sound for baby as a soother (I found a really cute lamb version on Amazon). I am going to read a book called “Building Babies Better” to help me create the right environment for baby and pick through the maze of consumer goods marketed for parents. I am a researcher by nature as my Mom said so I just can’t go into this uninformed. I don’t want to be crazy or obsessive, but boy if there are things I can do to keep my child from being like some of the kids I see in school someday, well then I will do some homework now. Perhaps, I need to work on some control issues, I mean I know you can’t control who your child is, but I do want to give them the best start I can. Brain research is always really interesting to me, and so much of what I heard today made a lot of sense, and the idea that common problems kids have in school are linked to brain development even in the womb means I want to be aware of the little things that might help my child develop soundly.

I hope I can keep some of this info I am gleaning in my head when I am sleep deprived and changing ten diapers a day 🙂 Good thing I am not doing this alone, I mean David of course, but also knowing that ultimately my kids belong to God and he has enough grace for me and for them everyday!



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