confessions of a pregnant shopper

I had a pretty good night last night. Today has been more or less queasy all day, but last night was pretty good. When I am not nauseated I am hungry. I managed to stop by the grocery store on my way home from work. I am going to share my secret food shame on this blog. I am embarrassed to go to the grocery store anymore. One reason being that all my “real” groceries are delivered through my organic local grocery delivery service SPUD ( which I highly recommend. So all my produce, dairy and meat comes to my door, so all the healthy normal stuff. I only venture to the grocery store anymore when I have to, that is when I have to buy the random and few things I want to eat when not nauseated and cannot get from my healthy organic grocer.  So it makes me feel a little weird at the check out.

Yesterday here is what made it into my cart, two cases of strawberry kiwi snapple, Ben and Jerry’s (chocolate brownie and my old stand by chubby hubby- no matter how bad I feel I find that ice cream is always edible to me, or milkshakes for that matter and makes me feel better, dear Lord please don’t let me get gestational diabetes!), and two boxes of frozen soft pretzels, that is my new thing, I either it soft pretzels with mustard or cream cheese when I am not eating a slice of peanut butter bread for dinner. I think that was it, I forgot to get spaghettios (why would I want those why????). I have not gained any weight, I am still ten pounds lighter than I started out at because I only really enjoy eating even these things every now and then. I am getting my prenatals in more because I can keep them down a little easier these days, and I try to put fruit in there between the weirdness. I drink a lot of milk still as well (though I know not everyone agrees of the healthiness of that, but frankly I don’t care, it was all that kept me going at times during the first trimester).  So there you have it, my strange and inhuman eating habits. I feel a bit like Gollum, looking disgusted at Sam’s wholesome hobbit food and crawling off into the shadows to eat some raw slimey thing (in my case soft pretzels from the microwave or a slice of bread with peanut butter on it) so not what I was planning on, but right now it just feels like I am doing what I can do. I hope to eat like an adult again one day soon!


2 thoughts on “confessions of a pregnant shopper

  1. Ha ha, Gollum. I sometimes feel that way at checkouts and stuff, but really they probably are completely oblivious and just thinking about their next break. And really, you could do a lot worse than peanut butter bread!! One of my favorites!

    • That’s true, many years ago I was a check out girl in high school I should remember that. I don’t use coupons, that was the only thing I remember noticing and not liking-the coupon ladies.
      I love peanut butter and I agree I could do a lot worse, it’s more the idea that I eat it like every other day at least!

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