What’s going on in there?

A little rocky today, I have been feeling so much better, but this morning really had a wave of nausea. I just get discouraged because from descriptions I heard it sounded like you just wake up one day and don’t feel nauseated anymore. Now I am fine sometimes and not good other times and that is frustrating in its own way. So my approach is to just try and be thankful for the good times no matter what happens now. I just hit 15 weeks, hoping that it just truly disappears, but if by some chance it doesn’t well “keep calm and carry on”! God made all of us different, and each pregnancy is different, so who knows exactly how it will all play out for me.

It is better for sure though and that is great. And no matter how bad it has been I really am excited and never once have wished I was not pregnant. So looking forward to feeling baby moves going on, I read that could happen as early as 16 weeks, though first time Moms are not often as adept at distinguishing baby moves from other tummy moves at that point. My tummy is far from normal lately as well  :/ I have been reading up on fetal development and infant development, not always because it is the most practical thing to focus on (I should probably be reading more about actual taking care of the baby) but because it is just so fascinating to me. This is hardly hidden info, but I just found out that by 15 weeks if you shine a flashlight at your belly the baby moves away from the light. So crazy all that is going on in my tummy!  I like reading about all the amazing things researchers have found out about babies in the womb and brand new babies, it helps me to really grasp just how human this little being inside me is. I am so amazed I am able to be the vessel so to speak to bring this little person into the world. I just can’t wait to meet him or her in person. Seriously, I know the whole nine month thing is probably a good thing, but a lot of times I wish I could just have the baby now (not that I want it to be premature! So don’t want an incubator between us!). I just want to hold the baby and get to know it (really wish I at least knew it was a boy or girl!).  Of course, they are only in our tummies for a little while and discomfort aside, it’s pretty amazing.



2 thoughts on “What’s going on in there?

  1. Mandy ~ I really enjoy reading your posts – how you remain positive and keep your sense of humour. Sometimes you bring a little ‘tear to my eye’ you have such wonder and excitement and need for knowledge and to be a good mom. Your baby will be very lucky to have you for a mommy.
    And two things your post made me think of…
    One – my sister-in-law never got over feeling nauseated during her pregnancy. She was so sick she barely got up off the couch -so don’t feel you are alone in the way your pregnancy is unfolding. I wish you had the burst of energy you were expecting, but how insightful of you to find a positive and see it as a time of readjusting expectations. (in another post)
    Two – When you mentioned the flashlight and the baby moving away I was reminded of the time I had to have a needle inserted in to my womb when I was pregnant with Wade. The doctors told me the baby would move away from the needle and I didn’t need to worry about it coming in contact with him. Just the opposite occurred – Wade moved TO the needle and then began batting it around with both hands. LOL. It was my first clue to his personality. He has been a child who has to handle and examine everything. (and usually takes things apart) It really is amazing to have these beautiful little human beings developing inside us.
    Thanks for sharing your journey – I’ll keep you and baby in my prayers.

    • Thanks so much for reading and for your encouragement! By the way, if you perfect your perfume making you should totally open an Etsy shop, I would love to buy your perfume!

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