Hand over the Kiwi Strawberry Snapple and no one gets hurt

Jubilation! Though i have had a little bit in the morning the past couple days, yesterday afternoon and evening totally nausea free!! It’s awesome to not feel nauseated! And I mean awesome, not like casually use of the word, but really it is like awe and wonder I can’t remember what it is like to not be sick.

Now something else is beginning. Cravings are really crazy! I had some minor ones in the first trimester, but mostly I just didn’t want anything to eat. Now something pops into my head and its all I can think of and when I get it it is like the best thing in the world, ever. Any doctor who denies craving exist must be a man, and a tard, a man- tard.  Or a lady who has never been pregnant, because this is weird. Sometimes it is things I haven’t eaten or thought of in years (spaghettios?).  I have told myself no McDonalds, I haven’t had McDonalds since Super Size me, so far thinking of the “meat product” in the boxes on the assembly line in Food Inc has stopped me, but those fries… Last night I did go to Tommy’s and I don’t know but the combination of a small chocolate milkshake and a hot french fry, well I felt like the luckiest girl in the world, Euphoria! I have a new understanding of substance abuse problems, I never understood why you would be a drunk or use heroine before, but yesterday I just really wanted a Kiwi Strawberry Snapple, and when I had my first drink it must be what a heroine addict feels like when they get that first hit after a while? It’s just Snapple, but suddenly its not!

It’s very hard to ignore, sometimes that thing that pops into my head is just all that sounds good. I did manage some fruit yesterday in between the snapple and the fries, and of course my prenatal vitamins :/

Well, good thing I lost 10 pounds the first trimester huh? God does work everything to our good right??

Last thing, sleep is getting weird, getting up uncomfortable, needing to go to the potty. Some people tell me that is good so you can get up when the baby comes.  My problem is that when I wake up I think, and right now I think of the baby room, that is far from a baby room right now and all that has to be moved out of it, and all that needs to be acquired to go into it, and I think of things like that and then I think I shouldn’t worry! And then I might think of Snapple or spaghettios or who know what else?


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