Listening to the rain pitter patter on the roof, and wishing I could stay in bed this morning.  Magic second trimester energy gotta say I am not really feeling it yet, but the nausea is easing up and that is all I care about at this point!! Still not really zipping into the kitchen, but making it through the day much easier and my appetite is coming back too. I never used to eat while I teach, now I am like Brad Pitt in Oceans 11, always munching, sometimes out of hunger sometimes to fight off a little queasiness.

My husband is out of town (can’t wait until he gets back!) he is in a fancy hotel in Miami right now for a work conference. I would kind of like to be in a fancy hotel, but I will settle for my couch and a fuzzy brownish dog for company.  Also of course this growing little one, this ever present person I am dying to get to know. Nov 22nd is the big ultrasound at the hospital, but we go to the doctor again Nov 10th and I am kind of hoping to find out the gender then too, and then Nov 22nd just kind of get it confirmed, we will see. At the last ultrasound I just felt sorry for the baby, it looks so squished in there! I am sure it doesn’t see it that way, that is all it has ever known, but I think about him or her a lot. I mean the brain they will have coming into this world is pretty much intact now I believe, what is it thinking? I hope all that rapid growth doesn’t cause it some kind of growing pains, it is all such a mystery in there! I think it is such a great mystery what goes on in the womb and then even in the first few months of life, all this amazing development we just kind of watch because the language isn’t there.  I take a lot of comfort in the fact that it is no mystery to our creator. Psalm 139 has really spoken to me in this time, how God forms us and knits us together in the womb and has already written all our days, knowing that He is caring for my baby in the womb and understands all that is happening to the little guy or girl is so amazing.  He is holding this baby until I can (which I am just dying to do, David asked what I was most excited about and that is it, I just want to get the baby into my arms!)

Now to get dressed and go to work, so hard finding short maternity pants by the way. Clothing manufacturers seem to understand that women are different heights when not pregnant, but are we supposed to get taller when we get pregnant? Some stores have them but only online which is weird. I mean really it seems there are plenty of not tall pregnant women around, and there are always a fresh supply of pregnant women, why this gap in sizes for us? When I draft “Amanda’s Law” the one that says pregnant women get the first trimester as part of maternity leave, i think I will add in a clause for clothing manufacturers and petite pants.



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