What type of mother are you?

I have started slowly working on a registry. Some things I want to wait until we find out if its a boy or girl and I also am just trying to navigate my way through all the consumer craziness that surrounds every aspect of child rearing. Mostly I am using Amazon because I LOVE Amazon and they have everything often at better prices than other places. However, I felt like I should also put some things on a Babies R Us registry for people who might have issues shopping online for some reason (me I shop almost exclusively online!). Anyway, baby registries are more overwhelming than wedding registries I have found. I mean you may need a lot of things when you get married, but chances are you at least know what those things are. I mean I knew my way around a toaster as a young bride. Baby registries on the other hand leave you wondering what you might need, which kind of the things that you aren’t really sure what they are  is best, what would a baby that hasn’t been born like, etc? For example, I am taking a cloth diapering class one evening in November just to figure out what I need in that department. It’s fun though!

The amazing part of all this was the Babies R Us registry guide. When I signed up I noticed there were all these guides to help you set up your registry, one said shop by “personality type”. Well I was too curious so I clicked on that and it said “What type of mother are you?” There was a list of 5 or so types complete with a list of registry items to fit your style. What? The types you are wondering? I know there was a trendy Mom, career Mom, city Mom, Classic Mom and Eco  Earth friendly Mom. I told this to David and he said “are you a Barbie or something?”. Eco Friendly Barbie Mom comes with cloth diapers and baby birkenstocks, your little girl will love her! Our culture is pretty hilarious sometimes. I didn’t know which kind of Mom I was so I just skipped that part.

If anyone has tips about what to put or not put on a registry let me know! Oh well I am sure God will provide what baby needs and I am pretty sure we imagine a baby needs more than they really do. Still, its fun to look at things and research all this stuff.

Today I also had a pretty good nausea day, it really wasn’t too bad. I had a bit of a rough spell this evening, but today I was feeling well enough to go to Porto’s bakery on my way home from dropping hubby off at the airport (he is out of town for a bit 😦 ). That was a nice treat. So maybe I really am turning that corner. I definitely don’t have the magical energy burst yet and its not entirely gone, but I can’t imagine it will be all nine months since it does seem to be getting better 🙂


4 thoughts on “What type of mother are you?

  1. Pretty funny! I think I might straddle some of those “barbie mom” personalities. Don’t be swayed too much by lists provided by stores. Most of what they are trying to sell you is completely unnecessary! I’ll think about what was most helpful for us and get back to you 🙂

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