I hope you like to read baby

Today at inservice we watched a documentary called the Hobart Shakespeareans http://www.pbs.org/pov/hobart/ (if you are interested). It featured a very inspirational teacher working with 5th graders in south central L.A. It’s always great to see teachers like that, but of course it just got me even more excited to homeschool! For decades now I have just associated parenting with homeschooling, so much so that no other option has ever entered my mind when thinking of being a Mom. There are a million reasons I love homeschooling and I will spare you from hearing them all here, many of you reading might share my opinions and those of you that don’t probably don’t care. Here is a great blog entry that really sums up my feelings though http://www.passionatehomemaking.com/2010/08/why-do-we-want-to-homeschool.html (if you are interested).

In this film this teacher has an awesome reading list for these 5th graders, we are talking Of Mice and Men, Huck Finn and of course they perform Shakespeare and spend all year really understanding it, talk about vocab building! (and none other than Ian Mckellan comes to their room once a year, aaah Gandalf) One thing that really excited me was the teacher sharing that his passion for Shakespeare came from his Dad who used the bard as bed time stories for his young son.  Both that testimony and seeing the 5th graders in this inner city classroom responding to real, high quality literature renewed my belief in how low expectations hurt kids and kids can do so much more than we think!  I am already reading to baby, I know he or she probably isn’t really hearing it yet, but that’s OK its more for me at this point. Still, I believe so strongly in reading to kids, I think that made me the reader I am for sure, and learning to read was easy for me because I was constantly being read to, and going to the library. I love daydreaming about reading Charles Dickens and Mark Twain to this little one! I mean I love Suess too, but I want my kids to be exposed to serious lit earlier than the average kid for sure. Seeing this film really gave me hope for how much that can work.

Now if this kid is a jock I don’t know what David and I will do LOL! All I know about football for instance I learned from Friday Night Lights.  It would be a small miracle for them to get into football or baseball or something like that given their parents total lack of interest in it, but I do hope they want to be on a swim team!!!

Well, still sick but enjoying daydreaming about curriculum and my most important teaching job ever!


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