waddling through

Got back from my second OBGYN visit. They did another ultrasound, it didn’t look as different as I had hoped since the last one, but then again baby had its head turned away from us and its legs crossed. Little one was shy today. I just can’t wait until we can see some beautiful facial features!  Still great to know its doing OK growing and moving around.  I am glad they do so many ultrasounds!

Honestly, I kind of thought something might be wrong with me before this visit.  The first visit, I had high blood pressure they wanted to look out for, and well I have just not been feeling that much better, especially on the energy end of things.  I get so dizzy and light headed all the time anymore. I really thought maybe it all was pointing to toxemia or something. Nope, I just feel like crap because I am preggers!

I really want to feel better, sometimes I think I say I am feeling better just because I want to feel better so badly. This weekend has been rough (TMI, but I had to pause in writing this in order to spew, so tired of it!!).  Sometimes I think I am getting better and then BAM I am just not feeling good at all.  It really is a roller coaster, sometimes I wonder if its in my head and then the vomit seems to confirm no its just the crazy changes in my body.

On the bright side, I lost 8 pounds since my last doctors visit! OK I am not really excited about that because well it just means I am nauseated all the time and also the irony of losing weight now is not lost on me. I mean I don’t feel skinny, even though 8 pounds is pretty big, I see my belly growing (which doesn’t bother me, I want to look pregnant) and am wearing stretchy pants all the time. I knew I would show early, I mean I am short and squatty, there is no where for the baby belly to go but out and possibly around! Bring on the bump!


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