Itchy Belly

Well I hit 13 weeks today (assuming the doctor’s office is right about the due date and everything 🙂 I was still kind of queasy in the morning so really hoping this nausea just evaporates into thin air over the next few days. It’s definitely better, but I just go through spells.

Monday I go back to the doctor, looking forward to it in a way, always nice to make sure things are OK, plus I have a few questions, one regarding this strange pain that is pretty constant in my left shoulder blade. It’s kind of tingly and sore all the time. There are some not cool sounding things associated with shoulder blade pain and pregnancy (preclampsia, gall bladder infections (which pregnant women are apparently more prone too yippee) trying not to worry or make up symptoms, I mean my body is nothing but weird right now! Plus, all the symptoms of things like toxemia are pretty much the same as regular pregnancy stuff  bleck.

But so happy to be getting out of the first trimester with a baby in my belly. That first trimester is scary with concerns of miscarriage, and it’s great to move beyond that and know that the most critical part of the baby’s development when it is most fragile is pretty much complete. The baby now is about the size of a medium shrimp (lol) and has fingerprints this week, and if it is a little lady (which according to the famous “ring test” it is ???) it already has it’s little eggs in its ovaries! So crazy my grand babies could be in their too! The development of a human being is truly amazing! I love that I live in a time when ultrasounds have shown just how fast children develop in the womb its so astounding!

I think a body pillow is in my near future. I don’t think I have ever fallen asleep on my side in my life. I always sleep on my back.  So we will see how that works out. I am totally itchy too, and really a belly is a weird place to be scratching in public! I think it would be cool to basically take a bath in lotion, or do as ancient romans did and bathe in olive oil.

Oh I did the dishes last night, all the dishes in my sink, and I didn’t hurl! That was a big step forward. Though I am still waiting on all that energy the second trimester is supposed to bring, I still feel super tired like all the time. Maybe just a few more days 🙂


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