Body snatched

I walked my dog for like 15 minutes this morning and had to sit down and breathe deeply when I was done. I could feel my heart pumping, what has happened to me? I am loving the nausea ebbing away to be sure. I really wasn’t queasy much today at all (fingers crossed because the day before wasn’t all rosy) 🙂 I just am really feeling like an old lady or a terribly out of shape one.

I was a regular exerciser before the nausea set in, and I know I haven’t been keeping it up because moving made me throw up for the past two months, but I am trying to step up my walking at least now that I am feeling better, and boy it doesn’t take much to feel like a work out! It’s hard to catch my breath no matter what I do!

Today was a field trip day, and not a fun field trip. I like going to the aquarium and places where we split up in little groups and run around looking at cool things, but today was a museum field trip those are the ones where I just feel tense the whole time while the little boys edge as far as they can from the group or smear their hands all over the glass. After it was over I knew I would be tired, but it had been a long time since I had been on my feet for so long it was physically exhausting!

Growing a person sure is hard work. I swear I can feel my stomach and other parts getting smooshed and moved around as the baby area grows bigger. I can still sleep on my back which is good being a back sleeper, but I know that won’t hold out forever.

Oh well, I made a real dinner last night, one of David’s favorites, organic burgers and homemade potato chips. Not the most gourmet thing around, but my husband sure was happy.  I made a loaf of bread too, yay! I can hear the music from Rocky , the part where they sing “getting strong now, etc etc”, though strong may be an overstatement given how easily I feel winded, but you get the idea.


2 thoughts on “Body snatched

  1. That’s great and so exciting to be feeling him/her growing!!! I guess after nausea comes fatigue, but I’m glad you’re getting some exercise again. I hope that helps!! What’s your due date??

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