Baby steps

Tonight I made the most real meal for myself I have made in 12 weeks! (I am at 12 weeks!!!! SUCK IT FIRST TRIMESTER) It was just some pasta with marinara sauce, and a couple pieces of garlic bread (not my usual homemade bread yet sigh) but it wasn’t toast or pretzels and 7 up!!! And all this in the evening, which has been my worst time so far.  I wanted to cut up fresh veggies and all that, but I just couldn’t be in the kitchen that long yet, and still not washing dishes really.

It’s weird because slowly I am feeling better, but I still have the awful moments of instant queasy and the fatigue of course.  It’s getting better though, and I feel life coming back to me (especially when I am in front of the AC).  Very exciting times, and before long I will be unmistakably pregnant looking, feeling the wiggly one inside of me move around and knowing if it’s a boy or girl! Now as I get more energy, the prayer is that I just get excited and not worried and overwhelmed with all the ideas to evaluate and products to choose from and decisions to be made ( I think we are a go with a Narnia themed baby room though :).

One other thing, anyone else have fears of the baby not being OK between doctors visits? I have no reason to suspect anything, I have had all this nausea, no weird pains or bleeding, its just that someone told me about a friend who just found their baby’s heart stopped beating at 12 weeks, and since I heard that story it does enter the back of my mind. I just wish I could have an ultrasound machine in my bedroom 🙂 I don’t want to worry, it does no good (neither does telling pregnant women  sad miscarriage stories either come to think of it) but I love my baby I already feel so connected to baby scoggins, and we saw the bean in there moving around and its been growing so much!  I am sure I am not the only Mom to think things like this, some of pregnancy is having faith in something not seen 🙂

Anyway, so thankful for getting through this first trimester and it doesn’t look like I am one of the really unlucky ladies who feels nauseated for nine months, I really think it is going away, just like it always did for my Mom 🙂  The real victory will be when I am the queen of my kitchen again! Look for a blog update on my triumphant return to food and the domestic arts! Now a little more couch time tonight…


3 thoughts on “Baby steps

  1. Congrats on not puking as much!! I’m sure that’s a huge relief! And I can empathize about getting back to cooking as I’m moving into my new apartment and unpacking all my kitchen stuff! So exciting! Hope it’s all getting better and better!!! And about the fears, try not to let it overwhelm you. I think it’s totally natural, and with my sister’s pregnancy they kept freaking her out because she’s a little bit older (she’s 36) and they were telling her all kinds of statistics…the baby’s fine, of course, but she was kind of upset by it, understandably. I’m sending you good thoughts!!!

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