The Kitchen, my cryptonite

Today I definitely felt bad due to allergies, but for a while the nausea seemed to subside. It seems like the kitchen is the major hurdle I have to overcome. I can’t explain it, I can barely open the fridge or walk through that room without heaving. This morning I felt OK nausea wise going in, but looking around in the fridge I felt that old icky feeling again and I had to employ my Jedi mind tricks to not throw up! I definitely cannot do the dishes, and seeing dirty dishes makes me sick too. Good thing i hate doing dishes anyway. Food on the other hand I love and really miss (which I have spoken of before on here).

What did I have for dinner last night? Toast. I have a strong inclination towards sourdough toast with butter lately, and I often eat it for more than one meal, isn’t that sad? Tonight I had a bowl of cheerios (and toast for breakfast of course) My diet is so random, weird and unbalanced.  I can’t eat anything that requires more than a minute in the kitchen of course!

I know I am near the end of it, I just know it, it just keeps hanging on! On a sidenote the temperature here was 111 degrees today, maybe higher than it has ever been since I lived here! Really we don’t live in the desert!  I took a sick day, so I just sat in front of the AC, but I have to go back to work tomorrow 😦 (which I just have such a hard time with lately, work makes me depressed to be honest, I never feel like being there at all because I AM SICK) and it will still be pretty darn hot. Heat and me are not friends right now AT ALL. I may pretend to pass out, or heck I may actually pass out :\

Still, I really think overall the nausea is calming down, and I am almost through this first trimester (and I need one of the men in black to come and erase it from my mind so I can do this again in the not too distant future). I will go into my kitchen once again, and the weather will get cool as I do so, and I will bake warm wonderful things and fill my spotlessly clean home with yummy welcoming goodness again! (Do you hear the theme to “Gone with the Wind” yet? I think I do 🙂


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