Why can’t pregnant ladies hibernate?

I am sooooo tired right now, counting the minutes until the students leave and I can waddle home to my couch (they are at art class now, hence the blogging break).  There was a bomb scare at school today. Yes that is weird, and no I was not scared ( I lived in Beirut for a while, a bomb threat does not bother me, I mean a bomb with a warning? In beirut you just hope you aren’t in the wrong place at the wrong time) I am just annoyed that it made me hurry. I get a call on my lunch break that we are evacuating the kids, so I run (or something close to running) back to the school from my home (I live two minutes from work). I run back and we take all the kids out to a ball field across the street where we are told they will be picked up by parents as soon as they are notified. I offer to go back and get some balls and toys for the kids because of course I really have to go to the bathroom anyway bomb or no! I get the balls and begin waddling back to the ball field when a teacher runs up saying it was nothing, someone received a metronome in the mail and the kids are to come back to the class rooms. Leave the balls get the kids and now I feel like I am at Everest base camp or something. Can’t breath, legs hurt and I feel dizzy. Pregnant ladies should NEVER be asked to hurry anywhere except when their water breaks. It does not make me feel good to hurry, it makes me dizzy and sometimes queasy and also grumpy!

On the bright side I feel like I can see a light at the end of the queasy tunnel. It’s not gone yet, but I feel like somehow it seems to be feeling a little less over the past couple days, I still have my moments , but it seems I can go into the kitchen without automatic heaves. Last night I had the small victory of whipping up some bruschetta for my neglected husband and myself and I didn’t heave once! Today before it was rudely interrupted I made and ate a real lunch with no issues. Granted I feel like passing out from fatigue right now and a little light headed, but I really hope I continue on this upward swing and get over the nausea in the upcoming days!

One last thing, I found this list of pregnancy symptoms I really like. I am always looking up new weird things everyday to see if they are normal and associated with pregnancy and they always are (i.e. being too hot, having feet and hands feel like they are falling asleep) and this nice little chart seems to have it all!



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