Ten weeks and three days and still queasy. This is going to be one of the things you look back on and wonder how you did it? It’s going to be something I will really feel bad when my daughter (really hope at least one of our kids is a girl!!! I can’t help it!!!) has to go through with it.

I did really enjoy church this morning and then got home and felt too sick to move, but anyway. I totally frumped it to church. I just threw on some baggy jeans and T shirt and my old tennis shoes. No make up and a head band to hide the fact that my hair was a mess. I was on this fighting the frump kick before I got pregnant, throwing on a little make up, wearing lots of skirts etc, but now i just find it really hard to care what I look like. I know that taking the time to look decent can improve your mood, at least for me, but right now just not feeling sick would improve my mood.  I still enjoy jewelry though 🙂 I do put on the occasional earrings or necklace as a pick me up. This frumpy thing is a good example of how easy it is to not feel like a complete human right now. I don’t enjoy food, clothes, and just moving around in general. It’s hard to enjoy things right now fully. Hurry up second trimester!!

I really want to know more about this person growing inside me at such a furious pace. I know they will be a constant discovery for years to come, but if I could just know if its a boy or a girl that would really help!! I want to start calling the baby by a name instead of just baby, and think of what things it might enjoy and know better how to pray for it and yes know what kind of clothes I can buy!  Also, I want my tummy to be big enough that I don’t just look weird when I pat it 😉


One thought on “Frumperella

  1. Our kiddos have had nicknames in the womb. I think this really helped, especially with our first. You could always pick a nickname to use until you find out the gender and settle on a name. And yes, we are still calling this little one Bodo. However, we did have a long chat with the kids to make sure they know that the baby will get a real name once it’s born!

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