It’s getting hot in here

If I wasn’t pregnant I would be afraid menopause was setting in way early! I feel hot so easy these days, which after consulting the net is normal discomfort with pregnancy. I love how every kind of symptom that is uncomfortable is a normal part of pregnancy!! The mornings and evenings are nice, a slight fall chill is in the air but I find myself getting super cranky around noon when the sun starts heating things up, and of course no AC in my classroom. I am not a fan of hot weather in general, but being hot and nauseated just seems unbearable. Sometimes I get home and take cool baths. It’s not even that hot I know, it just feels so much more hot to me! Darn basal body temperature.

On another note I am wearing more maternity clothes, and I am so glad I am. I may never wear regular clothes again. I haven’t gained weight, but I just love having the added stretchiness and looseness around those changing areas of my body.  I am loving this site its a big discount maternity site, with new and slightly used clothes. Everything I have gotten used has been in great condition, and though the shipping is a little steep it comes super fast and I feel both the convenience and discounted prices make it more than worth it.  Of course if you know me, you know I am devoted to online shopping and having whatever I can delivered to my house, especially now that I have so little time when I am not totally nauseated. Not happy that old navy maternity pants don’t come in a short length by the way, I am a petite girl, their pants are cheap but too long for me! They have short jeans for non pregnant girls, why discriminate against the vertically challenged pregnant women? We already look more ridiculous pregnant than tall girls!


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