pity party and closet space

Alright, feel free to skip this part, pregnant lady pity party for a bit-

Ten weeks and feeling super sick tonight. Needless to say I am really ready to not feel like this. What can you say? People are always asking me how I am feeling, I know its out of kindness, but I’m really tired of saying I am sick. Plus, I am getting tired of TV. I mean I don’t want to watch reruns of 90210 I don’t! When the queasy comes on so strong though I just don’t know what to do, I can’t even sit up to work a puzzle and I just want to be distracted! I think I will run a simple errand or do some light housework in the evenings and bam I just start feeling so nauseated I can’t do anything. It’s not always like that, sometimes I can manage so then I wonder is it mental? Why so sick sometimes and other times kind of OK? I definitely think evenings are the worst for me for the most part. The fall return of my favorite shows will be appreciated I suppose, gosh I miss Lost.

OK pity party over, I had a startling realization today. My baby has no closet space! I saw a link to some cute baby closet organizers and I realized OMG some major reorganizing is going to have to happen to make room for baby clothes. I think this is just one of the first of many thoughts about baby needs. There is sooo much to think about, and I am sure as I come out of the first trimester fog I will be bombarded by random things that we need or or need to change to get ready for the little one. I can’t wait to have energy to deal with things, as opposed to just have them pop into my head while laying on the couch. It seems like this will never end and the baby will never come, but I know that is really not the case at all and before I know it we will be strapping the itty bitty scoggins into its car seat for the first time and bringing it home.  I so want that day to come, but at the same time, talk about to do lists!


One thought on “pity party and closet space

  1. Dear Amanda,
    I wish I could make the nausea go away…it must be pretty terrible since you are no complainer of any sort 🙂 Our hearts go out to you!!
    xoxo, Libby and Don

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