Frustrated Foodie

Food is really one of my love languages. I love to cook and especially bake. I love to feed people, and I love to feed myself. Not cooking for my husband is hard for me, not cooking for myself is hard for me as well. Plus, baking is relaxing for me, one of my main hobbies. Normally on a lazy labor day such as this I would have wonderful smells bursting forth from the oven, mixing a good part of the day away. Today, my main task is just a sink load of dishes, can I do it without hurling?

At first, not having to cook all the time is kind of nice, my husband is gone a lot right now and my job is starting back up, so having a break from thinking about dinner is OK. Now I feel like the lack of bread baking, etc is a piece of me I am missing. I daydream about baking, but then I start to feel queasy sometimes just doing that!

I worry about weight gain with this pregnancy, because I foresee one hungry lady in the second trimester, full of motivation to make up for lost time in the kitchen and the idea in my head that “hey I am eating for two right?”. I think one day soon everything is going to sound good!

One last foodie gripe, the few things I do want are decidedly ungourmet! Even worse, some of the things I really want (Chick fil A and philly cheese steaks) not really around here at all!!


One thought on “Frustrated Foodie

  1. So sorry that you are feeling so icky right now. Perhaps you could use this time to explore baking and cooking with ginger? (I have some ginger cookies in the oven as I type this). Ginger seems to help some folks with nausea. Hope the nausea subsides soon! I wish we were closer 😦

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