beyond nausea?

Who knew you could get used to throwing up and feeling like throwing up? I always hated throwing up, ever since I was little it just really bothered me, I was the kid who would see other kids throw up and then throw up myself because it grossed me out so much. ( I spent a lot of time watching the Janitor put down sawdust when I was little) I gotta say in my 8th week of pregnancy it’s pretty normal, discouraging, but normal.

I am getting by I suppose, mercifully the worst of it always seems to come before or after work so far, and hey it’s probably only a few more weeks right? Plus, with all the milk  I drink I am not going to be going to the ER anytime soon for lack of fluids and nutrients.  I wish I was eating only wonderful healthy things, but yesterday at the movies I felt awful until I ate some popcorn? Sometimes ice cream seems like the only thing I can eat, etc etc. I try and get some fresh fruit down everyday at least. I wish I was exercising too, but moving around for prolonged periods of time inevitably leads to major queasiness and unpleasant results.

So anyway, I am trying to really start thinking again about how great it is that I am pregnant and trying to distract myself from the symptoms. I am trying to master the force and using Jedi mind tricks on myself to stop myself from vomiting too.  I feel like I am kind of living in a fog, so sick half the time and tired the rest, but I really want to get beyond that. I guess in a few weeks I will, but even now in the midst of it I would like to feel like a person you know? Thankfully, my husband is quite understanding, and though I feel bad for Arnold because he isn’t getting the same kind of walks and dog park/beach experiences, it’s nice that I don’t have a human child who is totally dependent on me during this time, which will be a whole new challenge I will probably have the next time around 😉  I know there is better times ahead in this pregnancy, until then I will try not to feel guilty for my couch time and bizarre eating I guess.


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