Growing Pains

What I am going through is”completely normal”. Countless women through the ages have experienced the same or worse. It’s so much harder than you think it would be, but it seems like the nausea and exhaustion is this quiet burden most women  bear in their life. So yeah, that’s somewhat comforting I suppose, and in a strange way I feel a little more grown up?

I don’t mean to equate pregnancy with maturity,  but hey it is a pretty big life experience and since I am going through all this I am hoping to see some reason for it!!  I mean, it’s easy to just blame it all on Eve, but what about Romans 8:28? Though I am living in a kind of weird queasy fog most of the time, and am reeling from starting back to work, I think all the symptoms and going through this in some small way are preparing me for being a mommy. I mean I remember all that my Mom did for me, heck I remember when she was having horrible morning sickness of her own and preggers with my little brother, she was up making me spaghettios to put in my thermos  at 7 AM for lunch! Mom never got to take a break from being Mom with four kids born from the age of 16 up until her 40’s!! My life is never going to just be mine anymore, I mean there is a little of that when you become a wife, but having someone so totally dependent on you changes everything! So right now when I am tempted to despair over feeling like crap and like a stranger in my own body, I like so many other women, will just deal with it, because that’s what mom’s do.  Somebody else comes first!


2 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. I always had spaghettios in my thermos too, right around third grade! That is funny! I remember your mom taking us to the beach waterpark and what is crazy is she was probably a lot younger than we are now, ah!

  2. I know, thinking of all my Mom did is even crazier to me now that I am pregnant. She was so young when she had me and so brave! So thankful she was. It is also scary to think of how many cans of spaghettios I ate when I was in elementary school, I had them like every day except pizza day!

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