Where is my mind?

So there is a person forming inside of me, pretty heavy stuff! Is it silly that I already worry about what it might think and feel in my belly. I feel bad it has no means of communication with the world for nine months. I am guessing baby is in a dream like state until coming out into the world? I don’t know, but what I do know is that I can’t concentrate on things.

I think a major reason for this is the frequently feeling awful that goes with the first trimester. It’s just hard to get focused on anything when you feel like throwing up or you are having a dizzy spell. Beyond that my mind is just always wondering back to baby matters whenever I am not feeling sick. I think I am already getting forgetful too.  It makes meetings even less profitable at work of course (school uniforms are you kidding me, my child is growing arms and legs in here people!?).  Its gonna be a weird year at school that is for sure.

Even books or TV (which I watch way too much of because when I am not at work all I can seem to do is lay on the couch) I seem to engage in a haze.  I can imagine by that 40th week  I will be so ready to get this little one out! I know for the physical discomfort of course, but just nine months of mental build up will be driving me nuts! I mean labor is not something I am stoked about, but the waiting seems like a heavy burden to bear as well.


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