Grumpy goes back to work

I am not excited about back to school this year, I just want to lay on my couch in front of the AC all day! (and that is all I can seem to do as soon as I get home). I started back to work getting my classroom ready and attending meetings, and adjusting last minute to a new grade and new classroom (grrr).  I planned this pregnancy just right, really I did, but I feel so miserable at work right now. the queasiness, the fatigue, I just find it hard to not be a grump. Also, I am just really ready to transition into this new phase in my life, mommyhood and from there a new much lighter workload (private English tutoring or teaching one community college class at a time).  I have liked my time at Judson and appreciated it, I am just having some major senioritis I guess you could say, and that combined with first trimester woes feels like a pretty big mountain to climb this week.

BUT, I only have to make it to mid April and given all the full time jobs I could have Judson is a great place to be, I get home 3:30 most days, everyone is a supportive Christian that I work with, and most of them have been pregnant at one time too! It’s just so hard to be there mentally, because for one I feel awful most of the time, and secondly um I am having a baby!!!

Anyone else get grouchy and impatient around this time?


One thought on “Grumpy goes back to work

  1. Aww, being grumpy is so not like the Amanda that I know!! Hang in there because I think you will really enjoy being pregnant once these challenges pass! ❤

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