I think I am going to get really tired of peeing in cups

I took 7 at home pregnancy tests when I got pregnant, and three urine tests at the doctor’s. For some reason the doctors office tests were always “weak positives” and it took the blood test for them to confirm  I was indeed pregnant.  I just kept peeing on sticks because it made me feel better, I mean I pretty much knew I was pregnant, but the fact the Kaiser wouldn’t 100% confirm it was weirding me out! I thought after that ordeal I could put a hold on urine tests for a while, nope I get one every time I go to see the doc from here on out!  Sigh…

Trying every remedy around for nausea, preggie pops (thanks to a friend at church), ginger tea, ginger ale, ginger candy, ginger root will be delivered by my grocery delivery service Wednesday, eating a handful of cheerios before even getting out of bed in the morning, I even ordered one of the acupuncture bracelets for nausea because someone said those helped them. Sometimes I am OK, but then the next minute I am losing my lunch! It’s hard not to always be wondering when it will hit next.

It’s good to have things rolling at the doctor’s though. I guess Kaiser permanente was not as excited as me to find out I was pregnant, the OBgyn doesn’t want to see me until I am 8-10 weeks along, but I went in for a bunch of paperwork and blood tests and a urine test 🙂 today.  September 13th is our first visit with the doctor and our first ultrasound! We won’t know the gender but it is still exciting, and I am pretty sure we will get to hear that heart beat too! As I kneel at the porcelain altar I just try and think of holding that baby!


One thought on “I think I am going to get really tired of peeing in cups

  1. i think the seabands helped me. but more than anything, just time. when you turn the corner of the 2nd trimester, suddenly it feels worth it. and that’s when you get to start showing too! (i still just look a bit potbelly-ish). but i’ll be full blown soon enough!

    congrats again! so exciting, huh?

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