Bathroom disasters and community

So before church, David takes a bath, I go in notice the tub is not draining and there is water all over the floor. I try and flush the toilet, it does not flush, I plunge and notice not only is it not working, but the tub is suddenly filling with disgusting toilet water! This must be one of the top then worst things a pregnant lady in the first trimester can wake up to! (At least in America or Europe, I know I am so spoiled).  I mean a working toilet kind of crucial right now, and the thought of all that muck to clean up on a queasy stomach yuck! Anyway, call campus security to see if I can find an on call maintenance guy to come out, and head to church hoping for the best. Thankfully, they do send someone out.

We get to go to lunch at our care group leaders home with other couples from church, so great to fellowship after a couple weeks away from church.  So great to be in a church surrounded by Moms at different stages too! After leaving Ohio I felt really sad leaving my Mom. I am used to living far away now, but this was different leaving being pregnant. I think I will really get to see God provide through our church family in this time and that is so awesome, because it has been a long time since we really had a church family. This was really brought home to me, when my care group leader Kim came over right after lunch and cleaned my bathroom because she had heard about the disaster this morning! What an encouragement, I felt embarrassed at how messy my house was (housework has kind of been on the backburner lately for me and David is gone so much right now) but just having that kind of support from other believers is awesome. I hope I can really be he same way to others in the church (and outside the church of course) It was a great reminder of what Jesus calls us to in loving and serving in everyday real life.


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