exercise and nutrition, are you kidding me?

I understand how great exercise is. I was on a pretty good schedule before getting pregnant and getting pregnant was one of my big motivations to exercise. I wanted to be a healthy mom! Same went for eating right. So I totally get why all the doctors and books and articles tell you how important exercise and diet is when you are pregnant. HOWEVER, lets be real, when walking around or turning over in bed make you want to hurl, what kind of exercise can you really manage?? I manage to walk my dog once a day and that feels like a mammoth feat in itself. This inability to exercise is rather depressing in itself. I am not one of those people who just lives for the morning run or their time at the gym. No, if I didn’t need to exercise I wouldn’t, but now that I feel that nice disciplined routine I had going slipping away from my queasy self, well I feel a little dejected…
Worse for me is the food thing. I may be ambivalent about exercise, but not food, I love food. And now I get 300 extra calories a day, sanctioned by the medical community! I am encouraged to eat more??? How wonderful right?? Well, it would be except that most of the time food makes me want to be sick! And it’s so weird, its not like any other kind of nausea I have had before. Sometimes I can eat, but only really specific things. Mostly I don’t want anything, but if I don’t make my self eat bland little crackers, etc I feel even more sick. Plus, if you know me, you know I have shunned so much proccessed food and am a pretty big advocate for organic foods, but it seems like the really random things I occasionally want to eat are horrible things I havent had in years, like the cinnamon pop tart! I am more or less accepting for at least a few more weeks, I am kind of just eating what I can handle and hoping that the second trimester I can have some kind of detox with all the perfect things I am eating??


3 thoughts on “exercise and nutrition, are you kidding me?

  1. Oh, hon, I know that must be really frustrating for you! When you said breaking up your comfortable routine that really made sense to me. As you know, I too am not crazy about the exercise, but it IS really difficult to accept a lot of change in your life, and I know for me I get depressed when I spend too much time indoors or being sedentary, especially when feeling sick is tacked on to that!

    A few suggestions that may or may not help: I know you like being in the water, and I wonder if that might be comforting, even if it’s just a bath? Also, if you have to be inside you might try a full spectrum lamp that will help you feel less shut in. That house can be somewhat dim sometimes. And lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself. If you eat something you’re not proud of, remember that you can always make a different choice tomorrow, and use the information of what you’re craving to try to figure out what it is your body needs and maybe you can find effective substitutes that you’re happier with. Remember, your body has been somewhat hijacked, and it’s normal to feel, well, abnormal. I hope that things even out soon and you stop feeling so sick! Sorry if my suggestions are not helpful, but luckily you have a wonderful man to help you through it!!

    Love ya!!


    • I have to be careful about baths, because they make me dizzy. I took a bath one night and then I was feeling dizzy and read that not only is dizzy common for pregnant women, but baths can be a trigger. I may still take them though…
      Thanks for the support and suggestions! I am trying like everything I hear from anyone right now 🙂

      • Aww, I didn’t hear that about baths, but I know hot baths can definitely make you dizzy. Even hot showers have that effect on me sometimes. Hope you’re finding things that work for you hon!

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