From elation to nausea?

So I really really wanted to be pregnant and I was so thankful that it only took about a month for me to pass a pregnancy test! I got pregnant exactly when I wanted to be! I want to be thrilled and happy 24/7, but what I am is sick and tired! I am a teacher, but summer vacation is hastening to an end and I have waves of nausea all day long and other “tummy troubles” and pregnancy narcolepsy! How do I get through this first trimester? I can’t wait until its over (and these symptoms better chill once this trimester is over!) I knew that morning sickness was a likely burden I would have to bear, but now that I am in the midst of it I feel like I never saw it coming. I just didn’t think it would be quite like this. The first week or so it was so mild I kind of thought it would be no problem, but it just seems to escalate. Why isn’t the first trimester part of maternity leave?


3 thoughts on “From elation to nausea?

  1. Hang in there Amanda! I HATED being pregnant!! HATED it. And I had an “easy” pregnancy compared to some. I also had a colicky baby and really disliked the first three months with a newborn as well ! Haha . . . and I know most mothers wouldn’t own up to that. But now I have the most adorable, precious, and precocious little angel. She’s turning 3 on the 27th and I love her to pieces! My first trimester sickness only lasted 2 months and then I was much better. It doesn’t always go a full three months. I remember feeling that I would never survive. I ate a lot of fresh fruit . . . that’s about all I ate. “This too shall pass” . 🙂

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